Alltech provides platform for young scientists to succeed

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Entering into its sixth year, the Alltech Young Scientist Program is offering the opportunity for students with an interest in the field of science to blossom. This innovative contest gives college co-eds the chance to be recognized and win prizes for their writing of topics dealing with animal feed technologies.

“Education begins with children, but it shouldn’t stop there,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “The Alltech Young Scientist Program ensures that students pursuing degrees in science are recognized. This program has continued to have an increase in entries every year with our goal being 50,000 entries in the next few years.” 
Michael Steele, from the University of Guelph in Canada, was the 2010 graduate winner and won with a groundbreaking research paper that examined the molecular mechanisms underlying rumen epithelial adaption to high grain diets in dairy cattle.
“Winning this award has inspired and motivated me to strive for research excellence.  Alltech has provided the perfect platform for young scientists to be rewarded for their hard work,” said Steele.
2010 undergraduate winner Lee Ann Huber, also from the University of Guelph, carried out important new research examining amino acid use in swine diets, specifically the previously ignored area of optimal ratio of isoleucine to lysine in pig starter diets.
Huber stated about the program, “The Alltech Young Scientist program is an unmatched opportunity to improve your writing and presentation skills as well as discuss animal science and nutrition with world renowned researchers. Every person has unique ideas and the potential to improve the face of nutrition research.”
To participate, students must write a scientific paper based on a topic about animal feed technologies.
Undergraduate students’ papers must be 3000 words in length and graduate students’ papers must be 5000 words in length. Papers must be submitted through the template software available on
The first phase of the 2011 program will include a competition within each competing country. The winners of each local competition will move on to a regional phase and the regional winners will compete in the global phase. Papers in all languages are accepted. The deadline for submission is December 31, 2010.
All regional winners will receive roundtrip airfare, accommodations and registration to Alltech’s International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky, USA in May 2011. At Alltech’s Symposium each student will prepare a presentation on their paper. There will be two winners selected at Alltech’s Symposium, one graduate student and one undergraduate student. The global undergraduate winner will be awarded $5,000, and the global graduate winner will receive $10,000.
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