A new ASF outbreak in Belarus

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A new ASF outbreak in Belarus

A new outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) has been recently reported in Belarus.

According to the local veterinary services in Khrol village, Gluboksky area the hunters shot the wild boar, which during the analysis of its meat in a laboratory ASF was found.

Due to this incident the local authorities ordered local farmers to cull all pigs in private backyards, located in the village Khrol as well as in a number of neighbouring villages.

According to one of the inhabitants of the village Khrol, residents of several villages already began to cull their pigs. “Veterinary services instructed the inhabitants of Khrol, Ives, Shaw and Zaulok to cull all the pigs,” he said.

Near the outbreak a large state owned pig farm Malinovschina is located. According to the Belarus veterinary services the complex is currently implementing additional measures of veterinary protections.

Meanwhile, the veterinary services of Belarus proposed to shoot all wild boars in the country in order to stop the spread of ASF. Currently this measure is being considered by the government.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Russian correspondent
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