Articles by Rosie Burgin

Sustainable salmon feed. Photo: Richard Semik
18-10-2018 | Article

Sustainable salmon feed

Safeguarding the future. Photo: Vincent ter Beek
18-10-2018 | Expert opinion

Safeguarding the future

Technology leads the way at CAHE. Photos: Rosie Burgin
30-05-2018 | Photoreport

Technology leads the way at CAHE

Photo: Edgard Garrido
14-05-2018 | Photoreport

Water: A basic need

In sickness and in health. Photo: Vincent ter Beek
14-05-2018 | Expert opinion

In sickness and in health

How to get every piglet eating. Photo: Anouschka Middeldorp
13-11-2017 | Article

How to get every piglet eating

Rosie Burgin Editor Special Projects

Rosie is an English native living in the Netherlands. She joined Reed Business Information, later Misset, in 2008 as a sub/web editor on Pig Progress and Poultry World. Coming from a media background with a degree in film and video production, her skills have been integrated into the department for various on-farm productions in several countries across the globe. Since 2015 she progressed into a more editorial role, taking the lead on all special editions published by the international group.