Articles by Monique Pairis-Garcia

A sow in a group housing facility during lactation in Germany. Photo: Henk Riswick
14-10-2019 | Expert opinion

Optimistic vs pessimistic pigs

Sow mortality has been an issue in the USA in recent years. Photo: Casey Bradley
11-03-2019 | Expert opinion

Sow mortality in the US – 1 year later

Pig welfare in a time of crisis. Photo: Vincent ter Beek
21-01-2019 | Expert opinion

Pig welfare in a time of crisis

Pigs and hurricanes. Photo: NASA
29-10-2018 | Expert opinion

Pigs and hurricanes

Photo: Shutterstock
13-08-2018 | Expert opinion

Do your pig farm workers understand you?

Monique Pairis-Garcia Associate professor and veterinarian, North Carolina State University, USA

Monique Pairis-Garcia is an associate professor and veterinarian in global production animal welfare at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr Pairis-Garcia earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy degree from Iowa State University in Ames, IA, United States and her bachelor’s degree in biology from Grinnell College. She is board certified in the American College of Animal Welfare and serves on the Pig Welfare Committee for the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) and National Pork Board. Dr Pairis-Garcia’s research interests include: 1. Pain management in livestock animals utilizing pharmacological interventions to minimise pain;2. Development and refinement of educational material to ensure timely and appropriate euthanasia on farm; and 3. Development and implementation of audit and assessment programs to ensure positive animal welfare and handling on-farm. Dr Pairis-Garcia is active in the AVMA, AASV and currently writes a column for the magazine Pig Progress with a focus on swine welfare and behaviour.