Benny van Haandel Director/owner at E-barn Solutions; pig breeding expert

has been working for E-barn Solutions since 2015. As a professional, innovative and implementation oriented agronomist with commercial focus, he is continuously looking for the edges of innovation. With more than 20 years’ experience in global pig breeding and data analysis, he is able to establish a clear vision and put technology into practice. He graduated from Wageningen University in 1989 and holds an MSc in Animal Breeding and Statistics. Soon after his graduation he started working in swine genetics, first as a geneticist, later as Director R&D of Hypor, Hendrix-Genetics. He has been involved in supporting clients worldwide, lived in Spain and Canada and developed a broad knowledge of animal production. Since a few years he established his own business and founded E-barn Solutions. The company focuses on international animal production, multi-species genetic consultancy, genotyping, product testing, Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics. Being a farmer’s son interested in all techniques that involve improvement of animal production, he has a broad insight in business and techniques, and continuously establishes innovative ways to surprise the business.