Weaning problems

Young piglets encounter many challenges during the weaning phase. In order to make the transition from sows milk to solid feed as supple as possible careful consideration must be given. This weaning special not only identifies some of the problems, but also industry-wide solutions.

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Overcoming weaning stress in pigs. Photo: Kastermans Studio

Overcoming weaning stress in pigs

The ability of a healthy microbiome to overcome stress consequences is an exciting concept. Establishing and...

New tool to prevent oedema disease. Photo: Hipra

New tool to prevent oedema disease

With the arrival of a new vaccine on the European market, there is another tool for the prevention of pathogens...

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How to get every piglet eating. Photo: Anouschka Middeldorp

How to get every piglet eating

The relationship between creep feeding, exploratory behaviour and the motivational characteristics of piglets...