Piglet Special

Minimising piglet mortality is key to successful pig production. Finding the balance between mortality and litter size is one of the major challenges explored here, alongside other innovations to support piglets through suckling and into weaning and beyond.

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Liquid support, solid results

Liquid support, solid results

Isotonic liquids are a new development in pig nutrition, but evidence suggests they are likely to play a...

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Photo: Koos Groenwold

Identifying ‘at risk’ piglets

There is a critical relationship between piglet birth weight and pre-weaning mortality, several studies suggest....

Photo: Fotostudio Atelier 68

Colostrum for all

Flemish sow farmer, Wim Rolly, offers the lightest born piglets on his farm a better chance of survival by...

Sewing the seed

Sewing the seed

Earlier this year I attended a pig genetics event in China where one of the speakers declared, “in pig...