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Antibiotic reduction

This special issue explores different areas of animal production that can be optimised to better protect animals, which in turn, diminishes the need for preventative or sub-therapeutic medicine. 

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A healthy gut = healthy production. Photo: Kateryna Kon

A healthy gut = healthy production

Globally, farmers are showing that it is possible to reduce antimicrobial use without sacrificing performance...

Trust in the power of nature. Photo: Werner Dedl

Trust in the power of nature

With the withdrawal of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs), a combination of phytogenics and short and medium...

Nutrition: The first line of defence. Photo: Mark Pasveer

Nutrition: The first line of defence

Antibiotics can be an important component of livestock management, yet care must be taken to safeguard the...

Photo: Shutterstock

Reducing antibiotic use sustainably

Sustainable reduction of antibiotics in swine and poultry requires optimisation of multiple factors unique to...

Inhibiting gram-positive bacteria. Photo: Dreamstime

Inhibiting gram-positive bacteria

Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and their derivatives are known for their pronounced antibacterial effects...

One health by caring and performing. Photo: Henk Riswick

One health by caring and performing

There are numerous important questions to ask ourselves and think about regarding antibiotic use in livestock...

The power of Alpha-monolaurin. Photo: Ronanld Hissink

The power of Alpha-monolaurin

Alpha-monoglycerides, and especially alpha-monolaurin, are a powerful tool to reduce or replace antibiotic usage...

Defending global poultry flocks. Photo: Dag Sundberg

Defending global poultry flocks

A three-strain Bacillus probiotic can defend the poultry gut against diverse health challenges, including Avian...

Giving chicks the healthiest start. Photo: Jefo

Giving chicks the healthiest start

Removal of antibiotic growth promoters has revealed that it is crucial to manage the makeup of the birds’...

Editorial articles

Facing post-weaning diarrhoeas. Photo: Mark Pasveer

Facing post-weaning diarrhoeas

Post-weaning diarrhoea is a common problem in swine farms. Which farm has never experienced it? A combination of...