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Fair Oaks Farms opens Pork Education Center

Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana, USA, will be opening up its Pork Education Center on June 28. It completes the farm’s Pig Adventure.

The Fair Oaks Farms Pig Adventure was opened in May 2014, being a farrow-to-weaning farm with a double function – both being a successful commercial farm as well as a farm that invites and educates members of the public about how a pig farm is operated.

The new 650 m2 (7,000 sq ft) Pork Education Center is completing the information round as it tells the story what pigs mean for people, both in food and non-food uses. Both the nutritional and medical value are being discussed.

Addressing questions

Just like the Pig Adventure, the Pork Education Center has been designed to address people's questions, and to help members of the public better understand pork production in general.

The Pork Education Center was made possible through the support of industry partners, including the US National Pork Board. The centre serves as the boarding area for the Pig Adventure bus tours – here's how the Pig Progress team experienced that journey.

Apart from a Pig Adventure, Fair Oaks Farms also houses a Dairy Adventure. A Crop Education Center is under construction at the moment, just like a small laying hen operation.

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