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Hypor ships pigs to the Philippines

Hypor GGPs were sen to the Philippines. The 333 animals were shipped via air cargo from France. The shipment had 263 Hypor Large White GGP gilts, nine GGP boars, 52 Hypor Landrace GGP gilts and nine GGP boars.

Brookside Breeding and Genetics Corp, in the Philippines received 333 Hypor GGPs on a Saturday. Dr Sheryll Caguicla, who heads Brookside's Swine Division, told Asian Agribiz that the animals will stock Brookside's new and modern nucleus farm in Tarlac Province, Central Luzon. She said the animals will spend about 42 days in quarantine.|

Dr Evaristo Macalino, area manager Asia for Hypor, said the new GGPs are meant to produce for the internal requirements of Brookside Farms.

Hypor Breeders sent to Sri Lanka
In February, Hypor successfully exported breeders to the National Livestock Development Board (NLDB) of Sri Lanka. The animals were carefully selected in Canada in order to comply with the local breeding goals set by the NLDB.

The shipment was escorted by DVM Raymond Qu of Hypor's organization in China.

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  • Jerry Darnall

    '...about 42 days in quarantine.|'

    Why 42 days??? What take that long to incubate/show symptoms?


  • Mac Pinto

    is this farm going to sell PS stocks ?

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