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Flavour conditioning improves piglet post-weaning performance

Weaning is probably the most critical stage in pork production. Piglets are subjected to many environmental and physiological stressors that can result in low feed intake, weight loss and higher disease incidence, especially during the first week. But how can flavour conditioning help your piglets’ post-weaning performance.

Spray dried porcine plasma (SDPP) is a common additive used in starter feeds to improve post-weaning performance. Norel carried out a trial to compare the effectiveness of SDPP and flavour conditioning through the sow diet with Fluidarom 1003, in facilitating piglets' initiation to solid feed intake and improves their post-weaning performance.

Piglet starter feed compared to flavour conditioning through the sow

The trial evaluated if the addition of Fluidarom 1003 (375g/t) could improve the post-weaning performance of a feed containing 3% SDPP. A total of 235 piglets weaned at 21 days were divided in two dietary treatments: T1: piglets offered starter feed with SDPP; T2: piglets from sows supplemented with Fluidarom 1003 offered starter feed with SDPP and Fluidarom 1003.

Result: Flavour conditioned piglets had higher weight gain post-weaning

The T2 piglets presented numerically higher feed intake during lactation (creepfeed) and first week post-weaning. Moreover, the growth of T2 piglets during the first week post-weaning was 21.5 g/day higher than T1 (68,4 and 46,9 g/day ADG; p <0,05). the obtained results confirm that the flavour conditioning with fluidarom 1003 can improve the post-weaning performance even in diets supplemented with sdpp.>

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