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Warm and draught-free environment for piglets

Dutch livestock equipment company Vereijken Hooijer, known for having introduced the Pro Dromi high welfare farrowing crate, is introducing an addition at EuroTier.

The company introduces Nanny, a closed environment ensuring a stable high temperature and a draught-free environment for piglets – and thus indirectly a desired cool and healthy environment for sows.

The innovation is a sturdy and double-walled piglet cubicle that is cast in one piece and has a transparent cover – all the ingredients that offer piglets optimum comfort. Nanny is heated by a water bed and the walls can also be heated. In addition, the bottom is insulated.

Convenience for producers
Nanny is also extremely convenient for pork producers. It is cast in one piece, thus eliminating any joints and sharp corners. And since all the corners have been rounded and the floor can be compared to a shower tray, any water will simply and quickly drain away by itself.

This makes the cubicle easy to clean. The Nanny can also be provided with LED lighting, enabling producers to select any colour you prefer to light the piglets. Last but not least, the cubicle is prepared for split suckling and piglets can be caught automatically using another innovation, called Easy Catch.

Vereijken Hooijer can be found at EuroTier in Hall 9, stand B31.

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