News last update:Feb 25, 2016

PigTek presents new sow feeding line at WPX

The PigTek Pig Equipment Group introduced new equipment platforms for its feeding solutions for gestating (pictured) and lactating sows.

Both products were shown at the China Animal Husbandry Exhibition (CAHE) in Qingdao and made their presence at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, IA, United States this week as well.

Gestating feeder
In Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) stations, the Mannebeck IntelliTek Sow Gestation Feeder was introduced as a new equipment platform. The feeding stations for this gestating sow feeding system are designed to operate as stand-alone units without the need to be connected to a computer network.

Larger farms managing static groups of sows are well-suited to individually feed sows in group housing using the IntelliTek System. Up to four feeding stations serving a total of 240 sows can be controlled using a single Mannebeck TouchTek Control with colour touch-screen. Assigning unique feed curves to individual sows to help manage different sow condition levels can easily be done using the company's newly-developed Milan-Touch hand-held device.

Farrowing feeder
Also new to the company's product line is the FaroTek Sow Farrowing Feeder (pictured), providing pig producers with a computer-controlled lactation feeding system.

This feeding system is an electronic feeder designed for dispensing feed to sows in the farrowing pen. The system automatically starts all sows on the same feeding curve. The producer can then make adjustments to individual feed curves on the feeder or by using the Milan-Touch to make additional corrections for the sow's condition and the number of piglets in the litter. Within the boundaries of the feed curve, the sow determines when to dispense the feed by simply touching her nose to a sensor located at the top of the feed trough. Feeders in one or more rooms can also be controlled using the company's TouchTek Control.

With either system, the controls can function individually or be connected together in a computer network with a server. When connected to a network, it is possible for the producer to monitor, analyse and store the individual sow feeding data on a personal computer.

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