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IMV Technologies partners with Brazil’s WTA

France-based reproduction technology company IMV Technologies signed a global distribution agreement with the Brazilian company WTA for its range of embryo transfer and IVF (in vitro fertilisation) products.

WTA was incorporated eight years ago to respond to the ever-growing need of the Brazilian bovine IVF market. As the technique was refined in the field, the company relentlessly adapted its production tool and products to become a one-stop shop for all items required in this specialty.

Today WTA designs in-house, manufactures and markets professionally-acclaimed, beautiful, efficient and robust products aimed at IVF, which are also used in the pig industry.

The full range consists in over 20 systems and more consumables: Portable and bench-top incubators, media stabiliser, oocytes and embryo transporters with battery back-up, vitrification equipment, freezers, straw semen thawers, in-field straw warmers, warming plates, tubes warmers, follicular aspiration guides, warming aspiration pumps and more.

Crafted in naval aluminium grade and polished to a beautiful finish, the products are appealing to the eye.  

While Brazil has been by far the leader in IVF in terms of number of oocytes collected and transfers, the world is now adopting this advanced technique to disseminate higher genetics faster.

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