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Roxell: Feeding station for sows in group housing

Roxell presented its redesigned electronic feeding station for sows in group at VIV-Russia in Moscow.

As its name suggests, the Fidos concept provides a reliable, flexible and individually adapted feeding of sows in gestation.

It has an embedded PC with web-based interface for user-friendly operation. The computer ensures that each sow receives the right amount and composition of feed. Up to three users can connect simultaneously for control and service via Ethernet and Internet.

The Fidos concept can be applied for both stable and dynamic groups. With its round going principle, the Fidos concept creates extra rest in the group. Its central separation unit allows a clear zoning of the resting, eating, activity and separation areas. This enables the concept to be easily integrated into both new projects and renovations. Convenient options as heat detection and ear tag detection with automatic separation of the sow if she returns in heat or lost her ear tag.

The concept enables easy visual control and a perfect sow monitoring by the farmer. Fidos features a solid and durable construction. The ear tags come with a five-year warranty.

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