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People: Hypor appoints general manager Asia

Effective since 1 January Jacques Sips has joined Hypor in the role of general manager Asia.

Sips is an active team player who strives for a good balance and outstanding performances. For the past 22 years he has been active in the field of animal health within Intervet / MSD Animal Health in various international general management positions in different international regions.


In his new position he will manage all Hypor business activities in Asia with the aim to develop and expand these. In this vast and growing region he will work together with our joint venture partners, colleagues and clients to deliver the genetic progress and services it needs, all to build a balanced, profitable pork value chain.

He is known to set-up, expand and convert local companies. With international teams he works toward targets and is passionately driven to create and match the opportunities in each of the territories. Furthermore, Sips has been active in business development consultancy. He starts from the Hypor Headquarters in the Netherlands and will move with his family to Asia at a later stage. He completed a Bachelor study in Commercial Economics, a post Bachelor study in Business Administration and an MBA program.

“At Hypor we have the people and products in place that allow us to contribute positively to the ever growing demand for quality genetic solutions which are needed in the rapidly modernizing pig industry in Asia,” Sips adds.

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