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Roundy's works to eliminate gestation crate housing

Roundy's, a leading grocer in the Midwest, announced recently it will work closely with its suppliers to phase out the use of pig gestation crates from its supply chain by 2022.

"Roundy's believes animals can and should be raised, transported and processed using procedures that are free from cruelty and neglect.

We stand committed to the highest standards of animal well-being and, in the coming months, we will begin working with our partners to eliminate gestation crate housing from our supply chain," said Donald G. Fitzgerald, Group Vice President Merchandising and Procurement for Roundy's.

"We recognise that this is an important issue for our customers and we will continue to enhance company policies based on the latest scientific research and societal concerns."

Source: Roundy’s

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  • SN Nelson

    Anyone who has raised pigs in a barn or pasture setting would soon realize that gestation crates are the most humane way to raise farrow piglets. If a sow has trouble during farrowing, she is accessible to emergency care immediately, she doesn't have to fight other sows for feed or shelter, the piglets are not at risk of being laid on or eaten by the sow or others, and they are warm and dry. Pastured sows often bunch up in shelters (even if enough for each to have one is available) with piglets crushed between or under them while older piglets push the younger ones off their mother and nurse from both sows, leaving the younger ones to starve or be malnourished. I wish consumers could see for themselves the differences instead of taking animal rights activists' word for what is or is not humane.

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