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VIDEO: Future sow housing concept

Pig Production 2030 – that is the ambitious name of a very recent project by Big Dutchman. The livestock equipment manufacturer from Northern Germany aims to find out whether it is possible to combine affordable breeding facility with freedom of movement for the sows – both during gestation and lactation.

Many people may have seen the concept while visiting EuroTier, in Hanover, Germany, in November 2012. The farm, however, does exist for real as well – in Fürstenau, in Lower Saxony, Germany. Armed with a camera, Pig Progress had a look inside…


Pig Progress


  • Dorcas

    A big improvement on the misery of normal sow crate systems but still what a barren, hard environment for them.

  • S Molloy

    Great stuff, good to see those health pigs, lucky pigs

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