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New name for Rattlerow Seghers

Rattlegrow Farms together with the management have agreed to form a new company structure and a new name: RA-SE Genetics.

“The signing of a new agreement with the Spanish and American shareholders has brought about a change to the name of the total Rattlerow Seghers Group. Shareholders Rattlerow Farms and management team commit themselves to continue the production of genetic products,” said Stefan Derks, Co-CEO RA-SE Genetics.

After 10 years of collaboration with a Spanish integrator and an American investor an agreement was reached to change the share holders’ structure.  “These changes to simplify the ownership structure will allow new investment possibilities and encourage further development of RA-SE Genetics” says Robert Lawson, MD of Rattlerow Farms and majority shareholder in RA-SE Genetics.  “By having set up nucleus herds in England, Belgium, Spain, Hungary and China, Rattlerow Seghers has already established itself internationally as a well respected breeding operation worldwide.”  RA-SE Genetics now plans to invest in additional new nucleus herds in different emerging markets including Ukraine, Russia, China and Brazil in 2012 and 2013”.

Steps were taken at an early stage to streamline the breeding program of the group by focusing genetic development on the key Sire and Dam line structures and this will continue. RA-SE Genetics is to focus on production of four core products: sire lines OptiMus, MaxiMus and the EASY2MANAGE dam lines CORA and MIRA. Each demonstrating a significant commercial advantage to other genetic lines.

“RA-SE Genetics ensures economic performance of the commercial slaughter pig, the ultimate goal for all our partners all over the world.  A new decade with a new name should help us to compete with the three main genetic companies worldwide.”

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