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Shortage of bacon and pork looms, warn pig farmers

The weather-induced rise of global pig feed prices has pig farmers the world over warning of a shortage of bacon and pork next year.

No longer able afford to feed their pigs, pig farmers are selling their herds, and governments looking on are becoming increasingly concerned.

The US government has introduced a pork-buying programme in a bid to keep its pig farmers in business, while China is buying up frozen pork to in expectation of higher prices next year.

EU pig industry leaders gathering in London, UK to discus the problem, reported pig herds were being sold because prices were not rising fast enough in supermarkets to cover the cost of record-high feed costs.

The UK’s National Pork Association said soaring feed costs as a result of harvest failure around the world were threatening the future of British bacon, sausages, pork pies, roasts, chops, ham and spare ribs. The organisation is strongly urging consumers to buy British, and look for the red tractor consumer quality logo.

NPA chairman Richard Longthorp said: "It usually takes at least six months for higher production costs to filter through to shop prices - but pig farmers simply haven't got that long.

"Some have got only a few weeks left before they run out of credit at the bank and have to sell up, and this is happening all over Europe."

Source: Farmers Weekly 

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