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Future Farming Pigs: Join our seminar

The use of sensors for animals, big data in farming and innovative insights on how to farm today and in the future - to learn more about all these exciting topics visit our Proagrica Future Farming theatre at the GFIA (May 9-10).

The Proagrica Future Farming theatre is part of the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), which will be held from 9-10 May 2017 at the Jaarbeurs Expo Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

At the Proagrica Future Farming Theatre (held on 9 and 10 May), future farming insights will be shared in the fields of dairy, pig and poultry farming, horticulture and arable farming. The editors of Proagrica brands will moderate the sessions. Admission to the GFIA exhibition and the Proagrica Future Farming Theatre is free, so sign up now to reserve your seat.

Copy of magazine Future Farming

All attendees will also get the first magazine edition of Proagrica’s new brand Future Farming. On May 9, the session Future Farming Pigs will be held. An exciting set of speakers will give an update on how to use data to be a better pig farmer. The programme is listed below.

It is possible to gather a lot of data on a pig farm (feed, health, climate). But how can a pig farmer make use of it and become a better farmer? Photo: Shutterstock
It is possible to gather a lot of data on a pig farm (feed, health, climate). But how can a pig farmer make use of it and become a better farmer? Photo: Shutterstock

Programme for Tuesday May 9

  • 13.00 Welcome
    presented by Vincent ter Beek, editor Pig Progress
  • 13.10 Early warning systems for disease detection in pigs
    presented by Jürgen Vangeyte, scientific director agricultural engineering at the Flemish Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO), Belgium
    Jürgen Vangeyte, ILVO, has done research in the use of big data in pig production systems. ILVO is part of the project IOF2020, a large scale pilot focused on implementation of Internet of things. How does this apply to pigs? Vangeyte will delve more into that.
  • 13.45 How to secure the crush margin by hedging the feed costs
    presented by Bart Teuwen, DLV MAS, Belgium
    Bart Teuwen, DLV MAS, Belgium will speak about an innovative pricing/market advisory service/tool for pig farmers who buy their own raw materials and complete feed. A smart way of doing business is smart purchasing of feed.

Sign up here for the event ‘Future Farming Pigs’.

There is more in the theatre. Click here to also register for the horticulture, poultry, crops and/or dairy seminars.


  • Krista Lung

    I'm a novice farmer and I feel like this seminar would be of great use to me. But I'm pretty occupied with writing services reviews on <a href="<>; right now and I will get chance to visit Utrecht only on Wednesday 10th. I see programme for May 9 but It would be great if you also publish programme for the next day so I could decide if this trip is a worthy one. Thanks for your time!

  • Emmy Koeleman

    Dear Krista, On May 10 we have we seminars on crops, poultry and dairy ><> Also the exhibition is still open the full day on May 10 (till 6 pm). Hope to see you there

  • Julie Rosenwinkel

    Look at the state of those pigs. They look terrible. This is what factory farming looks like. Bloody ears, facial sores. Terrible. They look terrible. Buy only pasture raised pork folks.

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