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Seminar ‘Growth promotion without antibiotics’ at VIV Asia

Pig Progress will organise a special event revolving around growth promotion without antibiotics at VIV Asia 2017.

Antibiotics are under increasing amount of scrutiny all over the world as overuse can lead to the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance. That is why both human medicine as well as veterinary medicine globally are looking into ways to reduce the usage of antibiotics.

The event will feature 3 expert speakers. 

Dr Sasi Jaroenpoj, DVM, is head of the Animal Feed and Veterinary Product Standard Section at the Department of Livestock Development in Thailand. He will discuss Thai strategies to reduce antibiotics in pigs.

Dr Milena Sevastiyanova, technical & commercial manager Central Europe, at Innovad, Belgium, will speak on alternative effective gut health solution to lower the use of medication.

Dr Hagen Schulze, head of innovation alternative proteins, AB Agri, will discuss alternative proteins for modern piglet diets.

Vincent ter Beek, editor, Pig Progress, will host the event.


Prior to the Pig Progress event, sister title Poultry World will also dive into the topic of growth promotion without antibiotics. With 4 keynote speakers, this event also proves to be worth the while.

It is possible to register in advance for both events.

The event will be held on March 15, from 3.15-4.45pm.

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