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Piglet feeding: Mobile feeding automat

During piglet raising, the foundation is laid for an optimal fattening and carcass performance of the fattening pigs. Accordingly, the energy and nutrient requirements of the animals should already shortly after birth be supplemented by a regular distribution of small feed rations.

For this, the equippers of animal houses, Weda Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH at Lutten, have issued Easy Feeder, the mobile feeding automat, with a powerful battery and with a robust undercarriage. When running on battery power, the manual feeding in the farrowing section can therefore be carried out in an easy and labour saving way.


Weda Dammann & Westerkamp are currently the only manufacturers that are offering a mobile feeding automat with agitator and battery mode.

The electric motor requires only little energy so that the agitator and the pump of the automat are able to run up to five hours in continuous use. Furthermore, an intelligent, electronic recharger is integrated into the Easy Feeder. Compared with customary solutions, about half of the working time can be saved by means of this innovation.

The 125-litre feeding container holds 100 litres and should be filled with a minimum amount of 10 litres. As opposed to comparable products, the Easy Feeder has an agitator which mixes the dosificated components in the container. Agitator and pump are separately switchable so that after mixing of the feed, only the pump will stay in operation and thus energy will be saved. During the feeding process, the agitator operates slowly; during faster agitation, the Easy Feeder can be connected to the mains by means of the 230 Volt plug.

Beside the undercarriage, also the switchbox for the battery is manufactured of high-grade steel. It is attached to the underside of the automat. Due to this, the centre of gravity is low, which prevents the Easy Feeder from tilting and which makes it mobile. An additional advantage lies in the fact that the handle for pushing can be adjusted on two different levels. Due to the ergonomic height of 1100 mm, the WEDA product can be cleaned in a fast and easy way.

Also during feed distribution nothing will be wasted: the amounts of liquid feed can be accurately applied by means of a feed lance. The dosification valve opens when the tip of the lance is slightly pressed into the trough. Depending on the viscosity of the feed, the pump pressure can be infinitely adjusted at the container. This prevents uncontrolled splashing out of the feed from the feed receptacles.


  • Piglet feeding: Mobile feeding automat

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