News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Purina Animal Nutrition launches enhanced pig starter feed

Purina Animal Nutrition has launched a newly reformulated line of the UltraCare pig starter feed products – and showcases this at this year’s World Pork Expo.

The new formulation builds on the results of this line of feed products with added benefits in palatability, feed efficiency and nursery exit weights.

In addition to the original UltraCare feed products, the new pig starter feed products include: an improved MpD-class palatant for added palatability; exclusive nutraceuticals for increased palatability, gut immunity support, feed digestibility and absorption and optimised nutrient formulation.

These added benefits are included in all UltraCare feed products, created for nursery pigs from birth through 65 pounds (29 kg). Two new products, UltraCare 600 and UltraCare 700 feed, have also been added to the pig starter feed programme to focus on feed efficiency and strengthen performance through the growing stage.

Feeding trials comparing the original line of feed products to the new pig starter feed products show significant benefits in the nursery and growing stages, demonstrating up to: 15% greater early feed intake; 24.3% greater early gain; 11.8% enhanced early feed efficiency; 4.6% improvement in late nursery feed efficiency; 2 and a 2.7 pound (0.9 and 1.2 kg respectively) greater nursery exit weight at 50 days of age.

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