Wrapping up March: What’s new in the world of pigs?

In March 2018, the news broke that several companies made interesting steps in the Chinese swine market. Also a host of new products for the swine industry has become available for the EU market. Here is all you need to know in a nutshell.

Animal health companies team up against FMD

Three animal health companies have launched a vaccine joint venture against Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD). ‘Shaanxi Meili Omni-Honesty Animal Health Company’ was launched in Xi’an, China, in March. The new jv was set up by Boehringer Ingelheim, Beijing KangMu Omni-Honesty Animal Health Products (KMOH) and China Agricultural Vet. Bio. Science and Technology (ZNWT). Investment was 840 million yuan (€ 108 million). Production is expected to start in 2021.

Adisseo and Sichuan University working together

Together with Sichuan Agricultural University, China, animal nutrition company Adisseo founded the Adisseo Innovation Centre of Research on Nutrition and Health (SAU). The company aims to build a worldwide network of research centres, with the Centre of Expertise and Research in Nutrition (CERN) in Commentry, France, as a hub. Many projects have already been identified to develop new solutions for pigs. The partnership was signed in Chengdu, December 2017.

Photo: Adisseo
Photo: Adisseo

Adisseo, by the way, was also one of the founding fathers of a new capital fund, aimed at supporting companies in the field of animal health, feed and nutrition. The ‘AVF’ fund was launched by Seventure Partners, an investment company, starting with € 24 million. AVF will primarily invest in companies in Europe, North America and Israel, but strong investment proposals from e.g. Asia are also welcomed.

Skiold enters market in Myanmar

Just a touch to the south of China: Danish equipment company Skiold has entered the Myanmar market. The company has recently been supplying materials for projects on a swine farm. As a result, the Danish company is expecting to reinforce its Asia-Pacific sales and service team. About 30% of the company’s turnover these days comes from the Asia-Pacific area, the company reported.

Photo: Skiold
Photo: Skiold

Phileo about to launch Selsaf 3000 in Europe

Moving over to Europe, Phileo’s product Selsaf 3000 is about to arrive in Europe too, as a result of its registration in December 2017. This nutritional solution, enriched with selenomethionine and selenocysteine, is based on an evolution of the manufacturing process which allowed Phileo to increase the selenium concentration to 3,000 ppm. The product offers a high stability with its long shelf life of 3 years. Phileo is part of Lesaffre.

BASF introduces Natuphos E to EU

One more novelty for the EU market: BASF is introducing its new enzyme for animal nutrition, Natuphos E. With enzyme stability throughout the feed production process, this ‘new generation’ phytase, helps pigs utilise phosphorus and key nutrients more efficiently. Customers in the EU can order the product as from 28 March 2018.

Zoetis launches new PRRS vaccine in Europe

Animal health company Zoetis launched its new PRRS vaccine on the European market. Suvaxyn PRRS MLV, containing an attenuated European strain of the PRRS virus, can be administered from just 1-day old. The protection against the virus can be in place around weaning and will persist until slaughter. The vaccine can create an immune response in the piglet even when maternal PRRS antibody is present.

Photo: Zoetis
Photo: Zoetis

AquaGlobe: New large wet feed valves

More product news: Swedish-based AquaGlobe has developed 2 new wet feed valves with a large and robust design. The 25 mm diameter mouth piece in combination with 3/4” or 1/2” threads is ‘unique’, according to the company. The larger valve enables a much higher flow rate. The outside of the valve is rounded and smooth for the animal’s nose and mouth.

DanBred: 100% genomic selection

As from now, DanBred will apply genomic selection for all breeding pigs in its programme. DanBred, formerly DanAvl, started using genomic selection in pig breeding in 2010. Until recently, genomic selection was carried out on a large portion of the breeding candidates – now it will go from 40 to 100% genomic selection. This will improve genetic progress by 30%, by selecting the best breeding animals with more certainty, according to the company.

Topigs Norsvin: new test station in Canada

Breeder Topigs Norsvin invests CAN$ 15 million (US$ 11.6 million) in a new testing facility in the Canadian province Manitoba. Facility Delta II will test boars of the Z line (dam line) and Tempo (sire line). The station has twice the capacity as the original Delta test station in Norway, where Norsvin Landrace and Norsvin Duroc are tested. Delta II is equipped with a CT scanner and the facility will become operational in summer 2018.

Photo: Topigs
Photo: Topigs

The breeding company also established a new company in the heart of Europe: Topigs Norsvin Central Europe, replacing Topigs Norsvin Danubia and Topigs Norsvin CZ. The new company represents the brand in Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Ukraine.

New AI centre in Spain

Recently breeding companies AIM Ibérica and Genes Diffusion opened a new lab and distribution centre named AIM Diffusion. The new facility is located near Lleida, Spain. This lab is equipped with modern semen assessment and processing equipment. To increase the level of biosecurity the boars are no longer accommodated near the lab. AIM Diffusion receives ejaculates from 4 different barns, more than 450 boars from a variety of lines.

Royal De Heus invests in Spain

And now we are in Spain, animal nutrition company Royal De Heus acquired the Spanish feed company Piensos Unzué, located in Navarra. This acquisition, announced in March, will strengthen the company’s position on the Spanish market. Piensos Unzué, with 2 production locations, has a production capacity of about 200,000 tonnes per year.

The company also acquired a grain silo and compound feed factory in Kendice, Slovakia. This way, De Heus aims to supply its animal feed to customers in Central and Eastern Slovakia and Northeast Hungary. The factory will first be revised and equipped with modern production techniques, a process which is completed mid-2019.

HyCare eliminates Salmonella in pigs

HyCare, a hygiene strategy launched by MS Schippers, has been observed to minimise Salmonella occurrence in pigs. In trials with pigs in HyCare surroundings, pigs were not observed to be carrying Salmonella. In 3 consecutive terms, all blood samples from HyCare pigs tested negatively for Salmonella. Weaners from the same litters, raised in regular surroundings, did develop Salmonella.

Church & Dwight buys Passport food safety solutions

Church & Dwight, the parent company of animal nutrition company Arm & Hammer, has acquired Passport Food Safety Solutions, of West Des Moines, IA, USA. Passport is a provider of an approach to help meat processors consistently address food safety standards. The acquisition became effective in March. With the integration of these 2 entities, Arm & Hammer now has a wide portfolio of solutions.

Lallemand joins ‘Farm of the Future’ network

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is joining Neovia’s ‘Farm of the Future’ network. The label recognises Lallemand’s work in developing microbial-based solutions to improve animal environments. The selected solution, Lalfilm Pro, is a protective biofilm for farm buildings. The biofilm helps create a safer microbial environment before the entry of the animals and contributes to improved hygiene conditions.

Animine: European distributors meeting in Paris

We are closing off with several events. Animine invited its European distributors to come to Paris, France, last February. The latest regulatory changes in the EU on piglet feeds were discussed. The European Medicine Agency (EMA) banned the pharmacological level of ZnO, and there is uncertainty on future maximum authorised copper levels. The company announced a research programme on e.g. pigs, under the supervision of Animine.

Photo: Animine
Photo: Animine

Agrifirm: Round-table on compound feed

Can regional or European livestock feed contribute to chain sustainability and a circular economy in agriculture? That was the main theme of a round table in March at Agrifirm, involving stakeholders from the poultry, pig and dairy product chains, government agencies and science. They considered the issue of whether and how livestock feed containing raw materials of European origin could form part of accepted animal products on the shelves.

AgroFarm 2018 attracts almost 14,000 visitors

AgroFarm 2018, Russia’s tradeshow for animal husbandry and breeding, held 6-8 February 2018, attracted almost 14,000 visitors. The show, which took place at the VDNH Exhibition Grounds in Moscow, was held on a record exhibition area of 18,500 m2, a 12% increase compared with 2017. In total, 410 exhibitors from 30 countries showcased their solutions.

Photo: Agrofarm
Photo: Agrofarm

EuroTier focuses on digital animal farming

‘Digital animal farming’ will be a theme at EuroTier, held 13-16 November in Hanover, Germany. “New concepts around digitisation can bring added value to agriculture, help integrate agriculture into a dynamic rural area, and make it perceptible as an indispensable part of society,” said project manager Dr Karl Schlösser, German Agricultural Society (DLG).

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