Frans Stortelder new COO Pork Vion Food

Frans Stortelder (55) is to succeed Godert Tegelberg as COO Pork of Vion Food. Dutch Vion says it want to focus more on valorisation; optimal value creation through the livestock processed by Vion Food.

By better alignment of its supply base to global market demand, and with access to major export markets including China, USA, Japan, Korea and Australia, Vion Food (turnover of $7 billion) expects to be able to significantly improve results.

Align supply to current and future demands of the market

Interim CEO Tom Heidman: "With our expert knowledge of meat and the market, we are perhaps uniquely positioned to more effectively align supply to current and future demands of the market. Our access to markets worldwide, together with a significantly wider supply base than the majority of our competitors, means we have a potential competitive advantage that we will continue to exploit."

Pig Progress

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