Chr.Hansen showcases PorcBoost programme at VIV Asia

Danish company Chr. Hansen are set to launch PorcBoost, a new microbial feed-additive programme designed to support all stages of swine production at the upcoming VIV Asia show.

The programme combines Chr. Hansen's industry-leading probiotics with useful tools and services that can be used from farrow to finish. "Our complete probiotic range has proven performance benefits throughout the entire growth cycle," says Technical Product Manager Jens Joergensen.

According to Joergensen, the PorcBoost probiotics boost performance in sows, piglets and grower-finishers by stabilising the gut flora, while increasing digestive enzyme activity.

"In sows, our dual-strain probiotics have been shown to improve feed conversion and reproductive rates, while grower-finishers benefit from improved weight gain, feed efficiency and digestive function," he says.

Visit the company for more information at VIV Asia on booth H102.H080

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