Wet feed mixer as industrial coffee maker

Dutch company NutriSuin launches an fully automatic mobile feed mixer for pigs at EuroTier.

The concept of the 'AutoSuin' works on the same principle as an industrial coffee maker: powder and water are kept separate until the dose-measuring button is pressed.

The system was designed to more easily be able to apply the company's products BabySuin or LactoSuin. These can be provided using the system into a warm, fresh feed mix.

The AutoSuin makes it very easy to prepare a fresh, body-temperature wet feed:

  • Fill the feed hoppers with the either BabySuin and LactoSuin;
  • Press the dose-measuring button to make up the desired quantity of fresh feed (up to 40 l/minute);
  • Place a watering can under the mobile feed mixer and you can fill sucklers' feed dishes.

When finished, connect the system to a water hose and electricity supply using the quick-release coupling, in order to fill and heat the water tank.

The system will then be ready for the next round of feeding. The novel system is mobile, so it is possible to easily prepare fresh feed for suckling piglets anywhere desired.

Features of the AutoSuin:

  • Practical: a single press of the button gives fresh feed every time;
  • Hygienic: feed and water are kept separate until needed;
  • High capacity (40 litres per minute);
  • Mobile.

NutriSuin can be found at EuroTier in Hall 9, stand C10.

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