Special funnel washer reaches all parts of chimney

German livestock equipment company Meier-Brakenberg will launch a special type of funnel washer using water at high pressure.

In a press release the company writes that "cleaning of exhaust air funnels is often neglected in the course of stable cleaning. It is not only important for hygienic reasons but for the flow resistance and therefore also for the energy consumption which is lower in clean vent stacks".

The company therefore developed a new funnel washer improving the users' safety, operating comfort and cleaning results significantly.

The funnel cleaning device can be used with every high-pressure cleaner with an output of 1,200 l/h or more. The device consists of a high-pressure nozzle tip with flexible spacers. Due to the flexible construction the washer can be inserted through the fan blades from below. The pressure and the downwards directed water jets ensure that the washer moves upwards independently. The all around laterally mounted nozzles clean the entire funnel and fan.

While previously only the lower part of funnels could be cleaned by using a lance or by washing the funnel at great effort from the rooftop, it is now easy and safe to clean the entire funnel by using the convenient and efficient funnel washer.

Meier-Brakenberg can be found at EuroTier in hall 9, stand G16.

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