Canada: Thousands of pigs killed in fire, millions in damage

Around 4,200 pigs were killed in Alberta in a barn fire. The surviving pigs are currently being transferred.

According to a report by cbcnews,  Fire departments responded to the fire and had the fire under control by 1am and stopped it from moving to another barn close by. The fire began on a Hutterite colony at 6am near Bentley. The barn housed mostly sows and piglets which were killed in the fire.

The total damage has been calculated to be around $5 million. The surviving pigs will be moved to a nearby colony and to a barn.
According to Bentley District Fire chief Todd Gustafson, "Unfortunately when you've got a tin building like that – both sides as well as the roof – it's a great way to keep the elements out, but unfortunately it's also is a great way of keeping the heat inside the building." He stated that the building could not be saved by fire fighters.

Arson is not suspected, the investigation continues.

Source: cbcnews

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