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June edition of Pig Progress now available online

The June edition of Pig Progress is now available online, covering topics such as providing high quality dairy milk to piglets, John Gadd writes about breed differences and a double interview with two Spanish veterinarians.

Pig Progress takes a look into a French farm where three farmers joined forces to create a collective farrowing unit  in order to stay in business after the law within the EU meant keeping gestating sows in groups.

Lysozyme, also known as muramidase, is a naturally occurring enzyme found in bodily secretions such as tears, saliva, and milk. It functions as an antimicrobial, which makes it an interesting compound to use in animal feed. Researchers from the Agricultural Research Service (party of the USDA) explain what it entails and what it can do for pigs.

"It all comes down to motivation" this is the message from Augustí Camprodon Ylla and Lali Coma Feliu aimed at the pig world. Read more of this double interview on pages 16-17.

This issue of Expert talk is written by David Burch who takes a look at ranking antibiotics in veterinary medicine.

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Pig Progress

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  • Chen Gareth Gang

    we can say, now, in china, the lysozyme from microbial fermentation, it act as feed antibiotics alternative! the effect as good as antibiotics, but no antibiotics pollution, more information, please contact us aegis_lysozyme@hotmail.com

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