Pig Progress 3: VIV Europe, China and PED virus

The third edition of Pig Progress takes our readers to all parts of the world with a wide variety of topics – with some special attention for the upcoming VIV Europe.

The show, held for the first time in four years, will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands from 20-22 May.

Pig Progress took a look in a Dutch farm which found an original solution to deal with minimum surface requirements in a country where there is a lack of space.

The next edition of the China Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE) is also coming up soon, from 18-20 May – this issue looks ahead to that show as well. In addition, we took a quick look behind the scenes at Muyang, well-known for feed machinery production, but also moving into livestock equipment.

No world coverage without attention for the Americas. We interviewed Dr Alberto Stephano, IPVS president on the upcoming veterinary congress in Cancún, Mexico. And last but not least – a look behind the scenes at Harrisvaccines, the US company which has been working hard to produce a vaccine for PED virus.

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