Pigs can’t fly (at least not with US Airways)

A US Airways flight made headlines this week as a pig and its owner were removed from a plane prior to departure.

The owner, a 29-year old woman, intended to take her 35 kg heavy pet pig named Hobey, on the flight from Hartford, CT, to Washington, DC, late November.

Various news sources describe how the animal defecated in the aisle of the plane even before take-off – and even started squealing when it was tied to a seat's armrest.

Plane staff asked the woman to move to the front of the plane and eventually she was asked to leave.

The woman had already passed several security checks with the pig. She was allowed to bring the pig on board as an 'emotional support animal' under Department of Transportation guidelines. Sometimes, pigs are favoured service animals for people allergic to dogs.

The woman was travelling with her to her family's home for Thanksgiving.

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