Reducing wastewater when using biological air scrubbers

Reversed osmosis could be an option to reduce wastewater when using biological air scrubbers in pig and poultry facilities.

Dutch air quality specialists Inno+ will present this solution at EuroTier, in Hanover, Germany.

Contrary to chemical air scrubbers, applying sulphuric acid, biological air scrubbers only use water, the last resulting in large amounts of wastewater being produced.

The newly developed reversed osmosis solution is capable of reducing the amount of wastewater as well as concentrating it. This can result in considerable wastewater value increases and a reduction of transport costs.

The new application consists of a controlled mechanical process concentrating the wastewater. It comes with a filter through which the waste water is pushed under high pressure. The filter separates the wastewater into clean water and nitrogen-containing water, the last having a concentration of 10 to 12 kg/m3. The system is automatically monitored, guaranteeing an automatic end quality.

The company can be visited in Hall 11, stand E39 at EuroTier.

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