Dostofarm and Denkavit Ingredients extend cooperation

Dostofarm and Denkavit Ingredients have recently signed an agreement to extend the distribution agreement for sales and distribution of Dosto products to the feed industry.

The portfolio consists of different products, all based on natural oregano oil extracted from a specially grown oregano plant. The products are manufactured in Germany under ISO,  GMP+ and QS certification.

Denkavit already experienced benefits of Dosto oregano in calf milk replacer and calf feed. Recently also benefits for sows and piglets were observed. At the Dutch Denkavit trial facility a study with Dosto oregano in sows showed benefits for sow udder health and a tendency for increased birth and weaning weight of the piglets.
Denkavit are also at Eurotier, visit them in Hall 14 F29

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