Latest edition of Pig Progress magazine now online

The latest edition of Pig Progress is now available online – this edition has a strong focus on both breeding and artificial insemination.

Recently, after many years of study, an international consortium of scientists has for the first time managed to sequence pig genome. How exactly did they do this – and what is the relevance of sequencing the pig genome is explained by Prof Martien Groenen from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

This is followed by a feature of Dr Peter Spring. He focuses in onto the concept of ‘epigenetics’, or what mechanisms exist to add extra information to any living creature’s DNA system. And again, of course, what this means for pig production.

From a more practical point of view, these two articles are complemented by a description of an objective computer analysis method to determine boar semen quality – and an interview with Mark Anderson, the brain behind Absolute Swine Insemination.

Last but not least this month’s farm visit feature takes you to Eastern Germany. Check it out ......

Pig Progress

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