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In the latest Pig Progress magazine (29.6) the topics of welfare and nutrition are brought to the forefront.

Pig stress during transportation is uncovered, the article discusses how meat quality and welfare are affected. Also under the welfare topic, the issue of tail biting is looked at, with a view on how tail docking does not solve the tail biting problem. This article also allows a peek at a research project  zooming in on how pigs could be influenced to behave more socially.

Establishing optimal vitamin supplementation requirements for pigs is discussed in ‘A helping hand to find optimal vitamin levels’, which states that vitamin requirements should be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure optimisation.

A way to stay up-to-date with the pig industry is possible with a new app . Read all about Pig Progress and Google partnering in the launch of a new app where readers can access Pig Progress content via Google Currents. Find out more here…

The PED Virus has made news headlines over the last weeks, spreading and threatening the US pig industry, Pig Progress looks at how the PED virus was the hot topic at the World Pork Expo this year. While on the FMD front, the good news is that South Korea has overcome a series of Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreaks, read the article to find out what the bad news is…

The use of antibiotics in animal farming is always a controversial subject, read what the expert has to say about it in the Expert Talk of this issue.

For much more, check out the latest issue here…

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