Pig abuse case, men convicated of animal cruelty

A farm worker along with eight other employees, have been finally been convicted this week after being accused of animal cruelty after shocking footage revealed them mishandling pigs and piglets.

Nine former Wyoming farm workers have been charged with animal cruelty after an undercover investigation has revealed that pigs were allegedly being beaten, punched and tossed in the air. A graphic video posted on the website of HSUS last year showed workers kicking and punching pigs, tossing small piglets in the air and keeping the animals in shocking conditions.

At the time of the investigation Wyoming Premium was supplying pigs to meat giant Tyson Foods, who then severed all its relationships  with the farm after the investigation results were released.

Jarrod Barney Juarez was convicted this week of one count of animal cruelty in a case involving piglets at Wyoming Premium Farms, the Humane Society of the United States announced Thursday.

Juarez's sentence includes a fine, court costs, a suspended 30-day jail sentence and six months of probation.

Six other employees of Wyoming Premium Farms have pled guilty to cruelty to animals; one plea is still pending, HSUS said.

In addition to the individual acts of abuse which led to criminal charges, The HSUS’ investigation also found breeding pigs confined day-and-night in gestation crates, tiny cages that virtually immobilise animals for nearly their entire lives.

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