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The last Pig Progress of 2013 now online

Breeders, pay attention! If last month’s Sow Management edition could not still your hunger for information, the last Pig Progress of 2013 has more to offer.

We take a look in Canada's Prairie Swine Centre, where recently a comprehensive review was published which looked at the pros and cons of keeping gestating sows in crates and groups. The question has become very topical in North America, and many wonder which management system would be the best.

If you are interested to know where the Danish stand on sow management, better flick to pages 20-22. Here you will find some of the latest insights, straight from this year's 'Svinekongres'.

We took a look at Nutreco's new research centre, near Boxmeer, the Netherlands; interviewed Prof Sandra Edwards from Newcastle University in the UK; and MSD Animal Health refreshes our knowledge on oestrus synchronisation.

That – and much more – you can find in the latest issue.

For last month's Sow Management Special, click here.

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  • l.r. rigotti luciano

    So leggere e capire l'inlese ma non lo parloe non lo scrivo. La Vostra rivista è tra le più interessanti e complete che conosco.
    Grazie. Cordiali Saluti
    luciano rigotti

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