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Russian pig industry attracting investment despite ASF

The Russian pig industry is again attracting investment despite the continuous spread of African swine fever (ASF) - noted Vladimir Labinovsky, director of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Breeding of Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, in his report at the International scientific and practical conference "Pig industry in 2013. Results of the first year in the WTO"

According to his report, the industry has become competitive and attractive to investors in recent years. From 2008 to 2012 Russia launched and reconstructed about 400 sectors in the pig industry. Production of pigs for slaughter in live weight rose by 702,000 tonnes, or 27%. The number of pigs increased by 2.5 million head or 15%.

Labinovsky also noted that the industry successfully faced challenges throughout 2012-2013, such as rising feed costs and a fall of pork prices, mostly with support of the government.

In 2013, Russia conducted 26 programmes to support of the pig industry. The additional funds allocated this year from the federal budget for the compensation of cost of feed was RUB5.7bn (US$190mln). Total funding of the programmes aimed to prevent the introduction, distribution and spread of the ASF was RUB300 mln (US$10mln).


  • olga COOPERL chernenko

    Recent severe disease outbreaks (AFRICAN SWINE FEVER, PRRS, FMD) is
    naturally forcing the pig industry to evolve and invest in Biosecurity to maintain domestic pork production and farm profitability.
    In the meantime, a growing concern from consumers on food quality and safety, especially in booming urban areas, has forced the modernization of the pig industry.
    The general trend is now to set up big integrations utilising modern technology and efficient farming methods to reach this goal.
    An efficient building has to integarte the best housing conditions to give the maximum profitability (i.e optimal balance between performances and production cost).
    Solution through a safe building : Bioevolutis™
    Cooperl, french leader in pig production with 3,500 farms and 6 million slaughter pigs/year is bringing its 50 years pig building expertise to propose Bioevolutis™ safe building whose pilars are :
    - Bio security
    - Productivity
    - Energy saving
    Bioevolutis™ is integrating an exclusive air filtration system.
    Bioevolutis™ allows to remove 99,9% of bacteries and virus thanks to a system of differents grade filters. Therefore, incomig air in the building is sanitized removing the risk of farm contamination by air.

  • Brent Green

    I'd say a vaccine is probably the best solution. Biosecurity still has to be a big focus though to keep raising healthy pigs....


    Comments are not a place for advertisment.Also, ASF spread in Russia is not an issue of air filtration.

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