News last update:Oct 8, 2013

People: New brand manager at Meriden Animal Health

Meriden Animal Health, headquartered in Cranfield, UK, has appointed Lisa Falconer to oversee the marketing activity for all the company’s brands.

Falconer will work to build brand awareness and enhance product profile throughout the industry. She graduated in 2007 with a BA honours in Media Studies. 

Falconer is from a background outside of the agriculture and livestock industry, previously working for a promotional products company. Here she initiated and managed a full rebrand of the company. She also has experience within the international pharmaceutical industry.

Her role of brand manager will involve the strategic planning of long-term marketing plans to drive the brand forward.  She will also be responsible for the development and implementation of the global and regional marketing plans.

Meriden Animal Health produces feed additives for the international livestock industry.
Steve Harris, managing director, commented: “With increasing industry pressures to meet growing demand and move away from antibiotics, Meriden’s 100% natural phytobiotic (Orego-Stim) is now coming into the spotlight. Lisa’s experience is going to be vital in promoting this along with our other products, to Meriden's target markets.”

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