SPACE kicks off its 26th edition in Rennes, France

France's largest annual livestock show SPACE has kicked off today at the Rennes Airport Fairgrounds.

The show will present the latest developments from the pig, poultry, dairy & beef, sheep and even rabbit production industries. Fifteen innovations in the pig industry have been awarded with an Innov’Space award:

• Acemo – EliControl , Hall 7, A13 (two stars)
• Asserva – Drug dosing equipment, Hall 8, A22
• Asserva – Ordisat, animal sorter system, Hall 8, A22
• Bienvenue à la Ferme – ‘Direct to farm’, Hall 5, 75
• Big Dutchman Pig Equipment – CO2 sensor, Hall 7, B21
• Cecab et Coop de Broons – PhysAlim, Hall 8, B31
• Econo-Fan Europe – Econofan ventilation system, Hall 2-3, H90
• Fournier – Drain trough, Hall 7, B19
• IFIP – Institut du Porc – CharcutiSim, Hall 8, B32
• I-Tek – Easytek, restraining apparatus for piglets, Hall 8, A21
• I-Tek – Exa trappe, ventilation, Hall 8, A21
• Lohmann Animal Health – Apire, water treatment, Hall 9, B38
• Merial – Sanitest, diagnostic equipment, Hall 5, B54
• Orela – Visorela, nest for piglets, Hall 2-3, H90
• Sodalec – Ventilation controller MVA-F, Hall 2-3, D37

Group housing
As it is the last time before January 2013, it is expected the show will once more highlight options for producers how to restructure their breeding facilities, in order to meet the imminent EU directive in which group housing is mandatory.

At last year’s edition of SPACE, about 30% of swine producers had converted to group housing. It is expected that this figures have risen ever since, but that it is going to be difficult for the whole of France to have complied by the end of the year.

Presentations, meetings
A wide range of presentations and meetings will be available at the show. Attention is focused on global markets, and agri-speed meetings introduce countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Russia and Argentina. The French Institute for the Pig and Pork Industry (IFIP) will host special presentations on pig unit performance; antibiotic resistance; and energy reduction. Other topics discussed are animal welfare and the environment. For a full overview, click here.

Last year’s edition of SPACE attracted 108,907 visitors, with over 10,000 coming from abroad. Read here the Pig Progress review of that show and click here for last year’s photo gallery.

The show will last until Friday, September 14.

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