Pharmacosmos launches Uniferon in Portugal

Danish pharmaceutical company Pharmacosmos has launched its iron supplement for piglets Uniferon on the Portugal's pig production market.

A recent introduction of the injectable iron supplement Uniferon to pig producers in Portugal is yet another step into the world for the Danish pharmaceutical company Pharmacosmos. And a stepping stone for the Portuguese pig farmers’ work towards being more competitive.

Pharmacosmos specialises iron deficiency treatments for both humans and animals, and the company’s Uniferon, which is an all-natural injectable iron supplement for newborn piglets, is in use by pig farmers throughout the world.

“Pig production in Portugal is under change from smaller to larger herders. Hence the pig industry in general is becoming increasingly focused on global best practice and hence also the generally accepted standard of administering iron to newborn piglets to promote optimal growth and general health as well as avoiding detrimental anaemia. Pig producers in the Baltics are thus becoming increasingly demanding and we are glad that we are now able to support their efforts,” said Jens Fabricius, Vice President, Marketing & Business Operations at Pharmacosmos A/S.

Uniferon is marketed through Laboratório Sorológico, a Portuguese veterinary pharmaceutical company belonging to the Medinfar Group and dedicated to the production and marketing of veterinary pharmaceuticals and equipment. The company was founded approximately 80 years ago and offers a wide range of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and complementary feed for different animal species, investing in technological development and improvement of production processes and quality control.

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