Innov'Space**: Sow feeding stations Elicontrol

The Elistar 2 and Eliskool 2 which are the latest versions of our earlier models of sow feeding stations, benefit from numerous evolutions, including the mobile synoptic panel EliControl.

This tablet, when connected to the station, enables the user to take control of all the automatic functions.

It enables the visualization of the state of all the sensors via easy-to-see diodes. A barograph indicates the feed credit remaining for the animal identified and present at the trough.

The keyboard has the advantage of being placed wherever it suits the user. Placed near the entry, it enables the user to survey the passage of an animal, and to operate the opening and closing of the entry gate, the trough access gate, and the feed dispenser, in order to help and assist a sow to use the station, or to check the animal closer.

Placed near the feeding module, the user can operate the trough access gate, the feed dispenser, and the water distribution to control and calibrate the distributions.

With the use of this tablet, the ergonomics of the station are greatly improved. It enables on the spot control and adjustment, saving precious time required before by having to return to the main PC.

The keyboard is connected to any station, one after the other, as and when required.

An independent jury of experts awarded this product: Two stars Acemo, Pontivy, France

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