Innov'Space***: Simulation website CharcutiSim

It is difficult for a pig breeder to overlook general pig production as well as farm sale of pork. CharcutiSim, an interactive website, simulates the project of pig products marketing.

It was developed by IFIP Institute for the pig breeders, wishing to invest in a workshop and develop direct sales. It is accessible via www.ifip.asso.fr website.

It helps the farmer to make decisions based on comparison of various technical and economic options.

The CharcutiSim references database makes it possible to simulate, via Internet, a project in function of its size, the on-farm processed products (fresh meats or deli), the equipment and buildings, the investments and financing.

CharcutiSim proposes to the pig breeder a clear and simple analysis of its technical choices and economic results in the medium term.

An independent jury of experts awarded this product: Three starsIFIP-Institut de Porc, Paris, France

Editor PigProgress

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