Innov'Space: Nest for piglets, Visiorela

The nest for piglets called Visiorela was specially designed for high demanding pig farmers.

Created to reduce energy costs in the farrowing house, the Visiorela nest makes it possible to adapt the environment of the room for the sows (20°C – 22°C) and the piglets, by using a local heated area between 26°C and 30°C.

The reduction in electricity use for heating stations and for ventilation s will quickly compensate the investment.

Moreover, with lower temperature in rooms, sows consume more feed and develop better resulting in more milk production and heavier piglets at weaning.

Being transparent, the Visiorela nest ensures a perfect visibility of piglets, and an easy and fast follow-up by the farmer.

Its entire surface (0.50 m²) makes it possible to accommodate all piglets resulting from high prolific litters.

Thanks to the height and the position of the lamp (175 Watts maximum), the piglets have a big heated comfort zone and are sheltered from drafts related to ventilation.

The possibility to raise entirely the nest lid enables an easy and fast washing. The materials of which it is made ensure a perfect hygiene for washing and disinfection.

An independent jury of experts awarded this product: One starOrela, Gorron, France.


Editor PigProgress

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