Innov'Space: Cleaning drain trough

The feed trough emptying system enables any liquid residue remaining at the base of the trough to be drained easily and quickly.

The system prevents water stagnation, notably after washing, so hygiene is improved.

The system is based on an outlet integral to the trough into which a PVC/stainless steel tube can be inserted to block the trough.

The trough outlet is fitted with a membrane at the opening to provide a complete seal.

The PVC/stainless steel tube has two positions: bottom position to block the trough by inserting the tube into the outlet; top position, tube raised, to open the drainage hole and enable the water/waste liquid to run out.

The tube is 1.20 metre tall, covered by a stainless steel guard which is fixed to the end plate. It is activated by the farmer at human height.

The lower position, with the auger closed, is ultra safe, with no protruding or catching parts for the sow, so she cannot hurt herself or open the auger.

The edge under the auger is emptied, so water is drained directly into the pit.

An independent jury of experts awarded this product: One starFournier, Fougeres, France

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