News last update:Nov 13, 2012

EUROTIER: EcoPiglet protecting piglet intestines

Feed additive producer Olmix introduces EcoPiglet, a product which is described as 'the natural solution to secure the digestive health of piglets'.


Made available to neonatal piglets three to five days after birth, the mixture will be consumed playfully by the piglets.

The product consists of algae (increasing the intestinal wall defense), montmorillonite (providing a mechanical protection) and clinoptilolite (capturing ammonium ions).

The montmorillonite clay prepares the digestive tract for early solid feeding and helps to retain water – which helps in fighting diarrhoea.

Algae, in addition, are rich in trace elements.

EuroTier will be held in Hanover, Germany, from 13 through 16 November 2012. Olmix can be found in Hall 14, F43.

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