Delacon to head to Alternatives to Antibiotics Symposium

Delacon will present a poster at the Alternatives to Antibiotics Symposium held in Paris, France. The symposium is being held to investigate non-antibiotic solutions in animal production.

The use of antimicrobials as growth promoters has contributed to serious and costly bacterial resistance in animals. This is one of the most critical issues in human food safety and health, and a key concern in the animal husbandry industry. Finding alternatives to antibiotics and other antimicrobials has become a global issue and there has been a significant increase in the research, evaluation and development of various natural animal nutrition and health product alternatives.

Phytogenic Feed Additives (PFAs) are natural products, based on proven and standardized mixtures of plant-origin substances, including herbs, spices, essential oils and related extracts. Repeated scientific trials conducted in numerous institutions have shown that PFAs stimulate and enhance digestive processes and improve gut health. PFAs increase nutrient digestibility, which promotes better animal performance. The benefits of phytogenic products are proven and significant. PFAs are a strong, and natural, alternative to antimicrobials.

The Alternatives to Antibiotics (ATA) international symposium, held in Paris from September 25-28, will investigate non-antibiotic solutions in animal production. ATA will include presentations on the latest scientific developments, and new technologies that have the potential to prevent and treat animal diseases. Further information can be found at ATA.

Delacon will present a poster of its two leading products for pig and poiultry, Biostrong 510 and Fresta F.

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