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Expeller soymeal

Ioannis Mavromichalis, PhD
A product, of usually small-scale production, expeller soybean meal is an interesting ingredient that is offered at a competitive price. Produced by expulsion of oil, rather than solvent extraction, expeller soybean meal contains a high(er) level of oil (up to 10% depending on extraction efficiency) and consequently higher energy value compared to traditional soybean meal.


I have used repeatedly expeller meal with great success even in high quality piglet diets, as a replacement of extruded full-fat soybeans and other protein sources. However, such expeller meal has always been of the highest quality, as determined by a low trypsininhibitor- activity index.
Nevertheless, I have also come across products of low quality, usually undercooked, that failed to replace even average quality soybean meal! The usual complain here is that expeller meal can be inferior to a mix of traditional soybean meal plus soy oil. Part of the problem could also be the assignment of inaccurate energy (metabolizable or net) and/or (digestible) amino acids.
What are your opinion, experiences, and thoughts on this ingredient?


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    Nabil Said'Ph.D

    The key to any processing technology is the optimization of the process.Not knowing how this "Expeller soybean meal"was produced and assuming that there is no extrusion involved, there is always the tendency of over cooking with this old technology rather than under-processing. When we optimize our ExPress ( Extruded-Expelled) soybean meal system, which is a combination of high shear extrusion with a horizontal press, the optimization was done based on the amino acids digestibility and metabolizable energy for each animal specie through extrusion temperature titration studies. In our Insta-Pro technology, the extruder does all the cooking while the horizontal press is used only to allow the expelling of about 70% of the oil that has been liberated through the extuder.When the conditions of extrusion-expelling are adhered to, you can almost predict the quality of the extruded-expelled ( ExPress) soybean meal.

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    Dr Nikolaos Kotrotsios

    The main fact using this kind of soyameal is to reduce the cost production. What do you mean that it is offered at a competitive price? Full fat Soya is much more expensive compared to traditional soybean meal.

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    Nabil Said, Ph.D

    I attempted to comment on this subject yesterday but, I am not sure that it was delivered. What I would like to say first that the term "Expeller" meal has been used frequently without defining what it represents. I know that Kansas state University conducted many trials with Insta-Pro Extruded-Expelled ( ExPress) soybean meal showing superior ilial digestibility of the extruded-expelled meakl over the dehulled solvent extracted soybean meal. This type of results can only be acheived if the processor follows Insta-Pro recommendations regarding the optimum parameters for extrusion. The possibility of under processing does exist if the operator chose to ignore the recommendations.
    Another product available in the market is an Expeller meal where the soybeans are not extruded but rather roasted or toasted prior to oil extraction. This type of meal fits ruminant animals only as a source of by-pass protein due to the tendency of such process to over cook the meal.
    Properly processed Extruded-expelled ( ExPress)soybean meal has been tested in poultry, swine dairy and other animals with superior quality over the solvent meal. The key to any process is optimization.

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